The association, by its affiliation to the BKSA is again able to offer third party insurance cover for flying power kites. It would seem that the BKSA have increased their premiums this year.

You can join the SPKA via the BKSA membership facility. Select the Scottish Power Kite Association from the BKSA club menu, the SPKA receive a contribution for each membership/insurance selected.

Membership options

  • Individual membership £42 per year
  • Student membership £36 per year
  • Junior membership £31 per year
  • Family membership £115 per year (a family consists of two adults and any number of children under 18 years old who live at the same address)

Liability cover: Maximum Age – no limit
Personal Accident cover: Maximum Age 75 Minimum Age – no limit
Junior: under 18 years old on day of membership
Student: 18 years or over in full time education

Please note: In the event of a claim or incident please report it immediately. British Kitesports is a not-for-profit association organised as a company limited by guarantee. By joining British Kitesports you agree to become a member of the company. The company has limited liability but as a member you do agree to contribute up to £1 to the company if it is wound up and cannot meet its liabilities.

Join the SPKA now.

Renewals: Warning! If your membership expires, you will no longer have insurance cover for flying power kites.