The Association has been running events and providing awards in recognition of those achievements for a number of years now. We feel it is time that a record of all those achievements is listed for everyone to see. There are a number of awards, most donated by, kind hearted, fellow, enthusiasts of the sport as shown in the following detail.


The TK Cup

Kindly presented to the Association by a former kite support company, Traction Kiting.

Awarded annually to the race series winner, declared as the ‘Scottish Champion Kite Buggier’.


2005/6 Kevin Arlott
2006/7 Kevin Arlott
2007/8 Stuart McGougan
2008/9 Stuart McGougan
2009/10 Kevin Arlott
2010/11 Stuart McGougan
2011/12 Stuart McGougan
2012/13 Stuart McGougan
2013/14 Pete Stinson
2014/15 Stuart Mackay
2015/16 Stuart Mackay
2016/17 Stuart Mackay


Best Junior

Kindly presented to the Association by St. Andrews Traction Kites.

Awarded annually for the best junior (under 18 at start of the series).


2010/11 Stuart Mackay
2011/12 Stuart Mackay
2012/13 Stuart Mackay
2013/14 Calum Mitchell
2014/15 Calum Mitchell
2015/16 Calum Mitchell
2016/17 Not Awarded


Best 16" Wheel Class

Kindly presented to the Association by Synergy Kite Sports

Awarded annually for the best competitor running 16" wheels on the buggy in the annual race series.


2010/11 Mark Davies
2011/12 Pete Buchan
2012/13 Richard Leslie
2013/14 Cathy Mackay
2014/15 Richard Leslie
2015/16 Brian McCreadie
2016/17 Not Awarded


Best Newcomer

Presented by the Association. (Includes free entry into the following years series race events)

Awarded annually for the best new comer into the sport of kite buggy racing competing in their first full race series.

2009/10 Iain King
2010/11 Stuart Mackay
2011/12 Peter Buchan
2012/13 Ruairidh Munro
2013/14 Cathy Mackay
2014/15 No Award
2015/16 Brian McCreadie
2016/17 Not Awarded


Celtic Challenge Quaich

Kindly presented to the Association by St. Andrews Traction Kites following donation by a jewlers shop in St. Andrews.

Awarded to the winning Celtic country competing in the Celtic Challenge Event, held annually since 2007 but from 2015 to be on a bi-annual basis.


2007 Ireland
2008 Scotland
2009 Ireland
2010 Ireland
2011 Scotland
2012 (not contested, due to WC held in July)
2013 Scotland
2014 Ireland
2015 Ireland
2016 Scotland
2017 Scotland